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DESCON is the official consultancy wing of the Department of Ship Technology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. DESCON was functional since 1982 through the initiative of the then Head of the Department, Dr. Erno Weibeck, Visiting Professor from Rostock University, Germany. The DESCON has marked its signature in the state through the various projects done by then consultants including Dr. Dileep Krishnan, Dr. Krisnankutty P, Dr. Sivaprasad K, Dr. C. B. Sudheer, Mr. N R Krishankumar, M P George, etc. The members of DESCON are in active collaboration with the State Government of Kerala, Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kerala Maritime Board, NPOL, NSTL, Cochin International Airport Ltd, etc.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Consultants are widely expertised in various industries including shipyards, civil, marine infrastructures, naval vessels etc.

Research & Development

As DESCON is the official consultancy wing of an academic institute, we have inhouse R & D division where R & D type of works are exclusively carried out with the help of scholars under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

Targeting Challenges

As the industry faces new challenges daily, we are confident enough to take up non conventional challenging works.


Dr. C. B. Sudheer

Former Consultant, Adjunct Faculty

It is my great pleasure and privilege to acknowledge that as a professional consultant in the field of maritime sector, I could actively get involved in DESCON during my career in the University. DESCON has provided us an excellent platform for professional practice and provided space for a real team work with intellects in the Department of Ship Technology. It evolved as an iconic brand in providing consultancy services in various areas of maritime sector and established its own identity and reputation in maritime industries and allied establishments, and thereby could create a real bonding for industry-institute interactions. After a few years of its dormant state, it is now a moment of joy that DESCON could breathe a fresh life so as to resurrect from its remnants and set its voyage with more vigour and enthusiasm to move the boundaries of knowledge even further. I wish DESCON the very best in all its future endeavours to sustain its reputation.

Dr. D. D. Ebenezer

Chairman, Hydro - Vibro - Acoustics Panel, Naval Research Board, DRDO

It is a matter of joy to observe, in recent times, the Department of Ship Technology (DoST), CUSAT grow from strength to strength and widen its activities and ambitions. The revival of DESCON is one of the many steps that the DoST has taken towards a stronger and brighter future. Naval Architecture and Ocean-related engineering are niche disciplines taught in only a few academic institutions in the country and the faculty of the Department have valuable knowledge and experience that few possess. Several young faculty with new skills and experiences have recently joined the Department of Ship Technology and they complement the experienced faculty. The DoST is proud to be the first in the country to award a B. Tech. degree in Naval Architecture and Ship Building. It always has a set of well-trained M. Tech. students and Ph.D. scholars who can assist the faculty to carry out research studies and do consultancy work in the areas of ocean related hydrodynamics and structures. The Department has gained eminence through the work of several stalwarts who have taught here and served the state and the country and I trust that it will be carried to greater heights in the future. I wish the faculty and DESCON the very best.

Dr. Dileep Krishnan

Former Consultant, Professor (Rtd.)

The revival of DESON after a temporary hibernation is an extremely gratifying event. DESCON, the official consultancy cell of the Department of Ship Technology, came into being due to the efforts of the pioneering batches of the B. Tech course in NA&SB, backed by the excellent support and encouragement of Dr. Erno Wiebeck, Head of the Department at that time. The aim and vision of DESCON was to foster academic-industry partnership with research and consultancy activities. Over the years, the DESCON team, consisting of faculty and students, has turned this vision into reality. DESCON has successfully undertaken consultancy projects for a wide array of prestigious clients in India and abroad, including DRDO laboratories (NSTL, NPOL and CVRDE), Cochin Shipyard Ltd., ClassNK, KREMENCO in Kuwait, CIAL, KSINC, KTDC, KSWTD, KITCO, FACT, etc., and for a host of small shipyards and boat operators in Kerala and other states of India. DESCON has also collaborated with the Kerala Maritime Board by framing and implementing rules and regulations for Inland Vessel construction and operation. Generations of B.Tech. and MTech. students have worked as project assistants and project associates in DESCON, gaining valuable professional experience. By the turn of the millennium, DESCON had built up a solid reputation based on the dedication and hard work of the faculty and students. As a former member of this illustrious organization, I wish the current DESCON team continued success in the coming years.


Our Family

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Dr. Satheesh Babu P. K.

Dr. Satheesh Babu P. K. is a Naval Architect with more than 20 years industrial and 9 years teaching experience. His areas of interest include Ship Design, Production, Survey, Hydrodynamics, Materials, Project Managent, and Corrosion Engineering.
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Dr. Manoj T. Issac

Prior to joining CUSAT in August 2015, Dr. Manoj T. Issac worked as an Assistant Professor (on Contract) at the Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering in the Indian Maritime University (IMU), Visakhapatnam. He holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (1998) from University of Kerala and a masters degree in Ocean Engineering (2002) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT M). He also worked as a Project Officer, for two years, in the Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, and had worked on projects sponsored by DRDO labs and other R&D organizations such as NPOL, DRDL, NIOT etc. Dr. Manoj received his Ph.D. in Ocean & Naval Architecture Engineering (2011) from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), Canada where he also had a brief stint as a Postdoctoral Fellow (2013). His research interest includes dynamics modeling of of unmanned underwater vehicles, experimental hydrodynamics in controlled and uncontrolled environment, dynamics of offshore platforms.
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Mr. Mohammed Ashiqu

Mr. Mohammed Ashiqu completed his both Bachelor's and Master's degree in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur). He has colloborated with industry during academics by associating with M/s Cochin Shipyard Ltd. under the guidance of Prof. Om Prakash Sha (IIT KGP) in CFD analysis of ships. Soon after graduation, he started his career in the engineering domain as Junior Consultant Engineer at M/s Sea Syst Engineering (India) Private Ltd., Mumbai. He has involved in various marine infrastructure projects including FEED engineering of Shipyards, Ship Recycling yards, project management for steel fabrications, owner's representative during fabrication. He was also involved in various design projects of floating drydocks. He also acquired knowldge about design of dock gates, MEP works during his first career at SSE. His expertise includes ship designs, inland water transport, CFD analysis, FEED engineering, MEP works etc.
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Dr. Mariamma Chacko

Dr.Mariamma Chacko has 31 years of teaching experience in Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Instrumentation and Electrical Systems on Ships and Shipyards. Her research interests include validation and optimization of embedded system codes, motor control , TEP and power quality in Ship's Electrical systems.
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Dr. Sivaprasad K.

Dr. Sivaprasad K. has wide expertise in Boat & Ship Design, Renewably energy Application in Inland Waterway Transport , Ship Recycling, Education Management
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Dr. A. Mathiazhagan

Dr. A. Mathiazhagan has 27 years of teaching and research experience in Materials Technology and Corrosion Protection. His area of expertise includes failure analysis and corrosion protection & management
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Dr. Rajesh P. Nair

Dr. Rajesh P. Nair has expertise in FEM applied to shock and impact analysis.
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Dr. Favas T. K.

Dr Favas T K was awarded with PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 from National Institute of Technology Calicut. His broad area of specialization is Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer. He is presently working as Assistant Professor (Fluid Mechanics) in the Department of Ship Technology. Previously, he served as Assistant Engineer in Kerala Water Authority for 2.5 years where he has exposure with pipe line network design and analysis.
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Mr. Anoop Chithrasenan

Mr. Anoop C. consider himself as a 'curioisist' who is currently interested in clean sustainable energy, design of high speed crafts and investigating counter intuitive decision making practices to attain success in the present day adversity ridden maritime/energy market.
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Mr. Aravind K. R.

Mr Aravind K. R. has expertise in the field of Inland Ship Design, inclining experiment and trim & stability booklet preparation. He also has wide exposure in the field of Marine Engineering which includes but is not limited to Marine scrubbers and ballast water treatment system designs. He is currently involved in multiple projects for various state government organizations. He is also a technical committee member for the new building and repair projects for the Kerala State Water Transport Department.
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Mr. Akram P. A.

Mr. Akram holds a B. Tech. Degree in Civil Engineering from School of Engineering CUSAT and then joined NIT Calicut for M.Tech. in Civil Engineering - Offshore Structures. Soon after the convocation, he joined Smart Engineering and Design Solutions Ltd., where, he was the part of the division Hull, Outfit and FEA for 8 years. Since late 2020, Mr. Akram is working as a consultant in the Department. His area of expertise includes Finite Element Modelling and Analysis, Ship Structural Analysis and Design, Shock and Vibration Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics in OpenFOAM, Computational Programming in Matlab, VBA in Excel, AutoCAD and Siemens FEMAP, and Python, Computational WebApp development, 3D Modelling, animation, photo-realistic rendering and visualisation, stereoscopic spherical rendering - Blender 3D, Autodesk Revit, Game Engine based simulations - Unity 3D.


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